How to: backup google authenticator app two-factor secrets
12 Jun 2017
1 minute read

Quick and dirty:

  • Connect your device to the PC via USB
  • Enable debugging mode
  • From the terminal:
adb root
adb pull /data/data/
sqlite3 ./databases "select * from accounts" > ./gauth_backup.txt

If you want to generate an auth code from a TOTP secret you can use oathtool:

oathtool --base32 --totp "<secret>"


Pro tip: to generate all the QR codes from the sqlite database you could use this python script (which requires the qrcode module):

import qrcode
import sqlite3
conn = sqlite3.connect('databases')
c = conn.cursor()

for idx, (email, secret, issuer) in enumerate(c.execute("SELECT email,secret,issuer FROM accounts").fetchall()):
    url = 'otpauth://totp/{}?secret={}&issuer={}'.format(email, secret, issuer)
    print url
    im = qrcode.make(url)'{}.png'.format(idx))

(source: thouis)